Cold Tofu is the nation's premiere Asian-American sketch comedy and improv troupe. A nonprofit organization,COLD TOFU was founded in 1981 by four women of color: Marilyn Tokuda, Denice Kumagai, Judy Momii and Irma Escamilla. Stocked with six-packs and chips, the core group met regularly at each other’s homes exploring new territory – Asian American comedy. Though touted as being the first Asian-American improv group, Cold Tofu is actually multi-cultural with early members including Amy Hill, Phil LaMarr, Sab Shimono, Geoff Rivas, Joey Miyashima, and Robert Covarrubias.

Today, Cold Tofu is a membership company comprised of 30 members from diverse backgrounds. (We've got actors, writers, teachers and of course, doctors and lawyers.) Cold Tofu performs regularly in Little Tokyo near the LA Arts District and has partnered with a number of community organizations providing both entertainment and youth/corporate workshops throughout Southern California. For more information, please visit

Aaron Aoki
Howard Ho
Jhemon Lee
Jully Lee
Helen Ota
Mike Palma
Johnny Ye

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