Ravi Patel – entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, filmmaker, actor – has become a steadily rising entertainment commodity since heading west a decade ago while building equity as someone who knows his way around a Wall Street business plan as well as a Hollywood soundstage. He currently serves as co-CEO of fast-growing snack/social enterprise company, he is star and co-director of an award-winning documentary that hit theaters this past September, and is also a series regular on a new Fox comedy which also premiered this past September. Finally, he is recently married, and his parents are pressing (too) hard for grandchildren.

Patel serves as co-founder and co-CEO of the social enterprise company This Bar Saves Lives. Recruited as an investor by his friend, actor Ryan Devlin, Patel has been integral in guiding the company along with its other actor founders/investors Todd Grinnell and Kristen Bell, fulfilling its mission to produce great-tasting, all-natural, non-GMO snack bars and, through a global partnership with Action Against Hunger, to deliver a life-saving meal packet to a child in need for every bar sold. This Bar Saves Lives launched in mid-2013, and has donated over half a million meal packets to date, enough to save the lives of over 3000 children who may have otherwise been lost. This Bar’s expanding product line can be found in major retail outlets such as Whole Foods Markets and online, and it most recently launched This Kid Saves Lives with Target. To see a brief video on how they got started, and 60 Minutes piece on the life-saving meal packet they donate, visit thisbarsaveslives.com/cause

Patel also co-manages an investment and advisory group, which invests in social enterprise, wellness, and food start-ups.

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