Room To Improv (RTI) is an Asian-American improvisational comedy troupe serving the Southern California area ...and BEYOND!

Since 2002, Room To Improv has been entertaining diverse audiences with unscripted and unrehearsed scenes and games. Their high-octane short form hijinks (with some long form thrown in for good measure) are featured during their monthly shows at NoHo's Secret Rose Theatre, but are available anywhere, anytime for the small price of lodging, food, and transportation, OBO. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offers, deals, or discounts. All standard data and text rates may apply.

Really though - Room To Improv strives to express their unique perspectives on the Asian-American experience through entertaining, compelling stories filled with laughter and heart.

Earl Baylon
Chris Bunyi
Krizia Ebalo
Maikiko James
Shalimar Malimban
Jeff Uchida
Justin Vasquez
Kaelynn Wang
Kevin Young

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